Wisdom of the Feminine Body

On Hold

$35 @ Downtown Desert Yoga in Las Cruces, NM

Sink into yourself with a meditation designed to awaken the wisdom of your body then learn breathwork, energy medicine practices and yoga poses to care for the specific needs of a women. Participants receive a collection of mini essential oils and a Feminine Wisdom PDF Guide. No yoga experience necessary.

To register visit downtowndesertyoga.com

Seasonal Workshop

Start of New Season on a Saturday 3 - 5 pm   |   On Hold

$35 per workshop @ Downtown Desert Yoga in Las Cruces, NM

Prepare mind, body & spirit for the season with meditation, breathwork, energy medicine techniques & asana (yoga poses) thatcorrespond with the season. Workshop attendees receive a seasonal oil & access to an online guided experience to stay tapped into the energy of the season.

To view date or to register visit downtowndesertyoga.com

 Yin + Reiki Workshop

Quarterly Workshop on a Saturday 3 - 5 pm   |   On Hold

$35 per workshop @ Downtown Desert Yoga in Las Cruces, NM

Couple your Yin Yoga practice with the healing benefits of Reiki Energy Healing. Peel back layers, receive clarity and increase ability to discern on this journey towards self love. Expect gentle contact with loving intention from Reiki Master Niki Harings & Energy Medicine Healer Deidra Schaub. We invite you to a supported space of meditation & healing. Limited space available.

To view date or to register visit downtowndesertyoga.com

 Yoga Off The Mat Workshop

One Sunday a Month 3:00 - 4:00 pm   |   On Hold

$30 per workshop @ Dwell Yoga in Las Cruces, NM

Yoga is a sophisticated system that extends far beyond doing yoga postures; it is literally a way of living. Yoga is designed to bring you more and more awareness of not only your body but also your thoughts. The Yamas & Niyamas are foundational to all yogic thought. This 10-month series will explore a different Yama (Restraints) or Niyama (Observances) and it's relevance to practice both on and off the mat. Each workshop will include philosophy, breath work, postures, meditation and journaling.

To view date or to register visit  dwellwithinyoga.com